“The Church is sent out; someone has mentioned, "The church gathers so that it can be scattered." The church exists to carry out the continuing mission of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Even as Jesus was sent by God with a mission to perform, so the church has a similar role (John 17:18). As a result,"Go" (Matthew 28:19-20) --now become the primary function and the heart of Biblical Christian ministry."

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Welcome to Church Life Mission. We are an independent, Christian outreach missionary ministry dedicated to sharing the Gospel with the under-served communities in Africa. We believe that God's love has no limits and that reaching as many individuals and villages, spreading God's word and sharing God's love brings glory to His name and spreads His light where it is most needed.

We delight in helping shape Biblical functioning communities and we do this with God's help, by focusing our efforts on one village at a time. Our African ministries  are a source of joy and fulfillment for us. We are passionate about serving God and spreading the good news through our  African missions . We delight in living Christ-centered lives and instilling Christian values and beliefs to the under-served communities in West Africa.

Our Christian outreach ministry helps people build a closer, more conscious relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This enables them to live significantly happier, healthier lives, by living in accordance with God's words and bringing glory to the name of Jesus through their words, thoughts and actions. Spreading the Gospel and sharing God's love and mercy to the less privileged and under-served is both an honor and a blessing to us. Being able to spread God's word and act as instruments for the greater glory of His name are what give us the most pleasure and satisfaction in what we do.

We believe that our purpose is to help spread God's unwavering love, mercy and kindness to those who need it most.
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