Our Outreach Services and Ministries in West Africa

Welcome to Church Life Mission. We are here to share what God has done for us on the Cross through our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Our Christian outreach ministry focuses mainly on reaching our brethren in the under-served villages of West Africa. At present, our African missions are primarily located in the Liberia.

Church Life Mission's African ministries exist because we believe that it is our duty as Christians to teach His word to others and spread His love, mercy and compassion, especially to those who need it the most. We focus on one village at a time and help the villagers build closer relationships with God.

Church Life Mission performs various services to achieve our objectives of spreading the gospel and bringing people closer to God.

Below is a list of the activities we do:

Teaching by example - We teach not just by words but also by setting good examples of living Christ-centered lives.

Teaching using the native language - we make understanding God's word easier and help people relate better by using tribal languages.

Improvement of facilities - We do our best to constantly improve our Christian Education Centers to serve more people better.

Training local missionaries - We train missionaries from local villages in order for them to continue our ministries and better manage Christian Education Centers.

Sharing testimonies - We share testimonies that help convert non-believers and affirm the faith of believers.

Identify areas for continuing growth - We continuously work to identify and focus on areas where our services are most needed.

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